Management Consulting

Strategies, structures and processes.


Management consulting is as wide-ranging as the tasks in your company. The possible areas are quite different for companies that are in the process of being founded than for companies that have grown. If grown companies are successful, you have a different focus than those that are stagnant or in economic distress.

Whether strategies, structures and processes have to be developed first or only adapted - support from outside is often very helpful. The view of a consultant with his own horizon of experience brings new ideas and approaches to the company. An open exchange and objective, neutral feedback make change possible.

Take advantage of my knowledge and experience in start-up, organizational and restructuring projects:

To help your company or project idea get off to an orderly and promising start in business life

In order to provide your successfully grown company with suitable and efficient structures on the road to further success

To lead your company, which is not developing as desired, to a sustainable successful development with a strategic or operational realignment


Foundation consulting

Business plan

Budgeting, planning and cost accounting

Organizational Consulting

Investment consulting

Restructuring consulting

Succession planning and business valuation

Project Management


Internal control system